September 27, 2023

Resiliency: Designing Landscapes to Last

Landscaping is something that we see every day, but we may not realize its importance until it’s not there. Natural elements help a space look complete and welcoming. If you’re starting a land development project, you may be wondering how to incorporate landscape architecture into your project. We’re here to help you understand what landscape architecture is and how it can benefit your project’s success. 

What Is Landscape Architecture?

According to the American Society of Landscape Architects, landscape architecture is “the planning, design, management, and nurturing of the built and natural environments.” We believe that landscape architecture goes deeper than just this. 

At its core, landscape architecture creates a literal common ground for people. It allows for beautiful spaces to exist where people can come together and have conversations that may not have happened without the designated space. Whether it’s a park, residential community, or a public square, landscape architecture marries form and function—making an aesthetic space while accounting for the engineering, codes, and regulations required for functionality.

When Should I Factor in Landscape Architecture?

You may think landscape architecture comes towards the end of your development project—that it’s the cherry on top to round out and perfect the space you’re developing. But through our experience, by treating landscaping as an afterthought, you can miss out or complicate the process of fulfilling your vision. 

Perhaps, the land you’re developing has beautiful, local trees and other flora, or you have a captivating, natural water source. Rather than considering these as obstacles to overcome, a licensed landscape architect can come at the beginning of the project and turn these natural elements into something that draws people to your space. 

The earlier you factor in landscape architecture, the more room an architect has to create a unique, beautiful space to benefit your project, the people you want to serve, and the environment. The idea is to have a landscape architect come in at the beginning and revisit the design at the 30%, 60%, and 90% marks to ensure your vision is coming to fruition.

The Importance of Evidence-Based Design

One of the most important factors of landscape architecture is designing based on evidence. This essentially means using the site in a design rather than designing on top of a piece of land. Evidence-based design includes accounting for the roots of trees and how they’ll interact with plumbing or electrical systems, creating stormwater basins that are a pleasant space rather than just a necessity, and figuring out how to build with the land rather than against it. It essentially asks, “What feeling do you want the space to invoke while still meeting the necessities of regulations and the project requirements?”

Resilient Design vs. Sustainable Design

Oftentimes, the first word that comes to mind or is thrown around when discussing landscape architecture is sustainability. People want to know how they can develop land and maintain a sustainable, environmentally friendly atmosphere. While sustainability is an important issue to account for in any land development project, perhaps the better word to use, particularly in Florida-based projects, is resiliency. 

All designs should be sustainable—or at the very least, strive to be so. But resiliency may be overlooked. Rather than adding a couple of flowerbeds or shrubs that won’t survive the next hurricane season, a landscape architect can suggest plants or design elements that are built to last—saving your project money in the long run. Resiliency is building for the next 20 or more years rather than just looking at what would be most effective at the current moment. 

Create Beautiful Landscape Projects with JBPro

Since 1995, JBPro has been dedicated to creating and building beautiful, lasting civil projects throughout the state of Florida. We believe that landscape architecture is an important part of our process and should be brought in as soon as the project begins. We offer professional, quality landscape designs in order to beautify your space while promoting environmental sustainability and resiliency. For your next land development and landscaping project, call the professionals at JBPro!