July 15, 2021

How Do We Build a Park?

Public park spaces contribute to the well-being and the health of the community, but building a city park requires expertise, knowledge, and successfully working with the relevant local governments. In order for a parks and recreation project to be productive, a civil engineering firm must understand the necessary steps needed to not only complete the project correctly — on time and on budget — but also communicate clearly  and effectively with all of the project stakeholders. Read on to learn about how JBPro approaches a parks and recreation project and why we are proud to contribute to the beauty and functionality of the parks in our community. 

Our Parks and Recreation Project Process

When a client reaches out to us to embark on a parks and recreation project, we first focus on understanding the client, what they want to achieve, and what will serve them best in helping them reach their goals. Every project is unique, but we follow a general sequence of events that can be adjusted based on project-specific factors and needs, such as the timeline and budget. 


We begin the project by holding a kickoff meeting with the client. This allows us to get to know the client well while we also establish the baseline information our team needs for the project. At this time, we speak with the client and guide them to help them determine the scope of the project for a newly constructed park site or a major improvement project at an existing park. We also set expectations and a proposed schedule together so the client can rest assured that they will stay well informed throughout the entire project. 


After our team has held the kickoff meeting and clarified the scope of work and project limits, our expert land surveyors get to work on surveying the project area. The resulting drawing identifies land boundaries, as well as the dimensions and locations of proposed site improvements or existing buildings. This survey provides geospatial and construction data from various sources to provide clients with fully accurate and informative surveys. The comprehensive, CAD-drawn land survey, in turn, informs the design process.  

Design Charrette

When our civil engineering team starts to work on the park design, we hold a charrette meeting. A charrette is a creative but focused collaboration session held to create and flesh out a master plan between the design team and the client to establish the theme of the project and the goals the client wants to see accomplished. 

Because the charrette process is holistic and multidisciplinary, it is particularly helpful for the following purposes: 

After the design charrette meeting is done, our next step is to prepare the sketches and exhibits needed for the project. 


With an exact concept clarified between the client, design team, and all permitting agencies, the design and permitting process can begin. This includes preparing and permitting the engineering construction documents with the proper local and state permitting authorities, such as the county or municipal government, the applicable water management district, and any state or federal agencies involved in the park project. In addition, we issue the construction documents and a cost estimate for the bid in order to assist the client with finding the right contractor at the right price for their park project.

Construction Begins

Once all of the construction documents are completed and a contractor has been selected, the client is able to move on to the construction stage of their project. Our thorough and accurate surveying and design work helps prevent costly errors that could lead to project delays and add unnecessary stress for all parties involved in the project. 

JBPro Can Handle Any Parks and Recreation Project 

Public parks provide more than just fun for a community — they encourage active, healthy lifestyles, create job opportunities for residents, help mitigate flooding, promote community engagement, allow for the environmental benefits of green spaces, and help cities achieve equitable budget allocation goals. With a project this important, you need a team that understands the magnitude of what is at stake. JBPro has the decades of experience and expertise necessary to do it right the first time by delivering high-quality services for parks and recreation projects. From the start of the project to its completion, we are your full-service civil engineering, land surveying, construction services, and land planning firm. Contact us today to find out more about how we can serve your parks and recreation project.