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Do you want to be part of a team where every voice counts and every idea is heard? Are you creative and technically skilled, willing to think outside the box to solve client problems? Do you want to contribute to our North Florida communities through exemplary work and charitable involvement? If you answered “yes,” we would love to hear from you. Check out our open positions below and take the first step to join our JBPro family.

What a Career at JBPro Looks Like

At JBPro, we believe that investing in our culture allows us to invest in our people better. We provide an inspirational, optimistic environment for our team members that allows them to support their families – and we have fun while we do great work.

Our Benefits

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Parental Leave
  • Retirement: 401k, 3% match with profit-sharing
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Paid Holidays
  • PTO
  • Short and Long Term Disability Insurance

What Our Employees Say About JBPro

A friendly, collaborative atmosphere, coupled with bright, innovative design teams, sets JBPro apart from the stiff corporate firms that focus on quantity rather than quality. JBPro is committed to producing showcase quality work with every project that comes through the door. The goal is to always meet or exceed a client’s expectations for their project.

JBPro is a special company where every employee is part of the same family, and every employee has the opportunity to succeed. Plenty of companies create a fun workplace culture, and plenty of companies give their employees a chance to move up in their careers, but very few companies do both of those things exceptionally well. JBPro is certainly one of the few companies that do.

A long-time friend referred me for a surveying internship position. Since being brought on, I have been positioned to learn about this field and contribute in a meaningful way. Joining JBPro has meant being committed to excellence and progression, bettering our community, and seeking new ways to contribute to our work. These are the tenets that set us apart and drive us to not only value our work but to enjoy it as well.

I began working at JBPro after Nick Iuliucci referred me to this company. He had worked for JBPro for nearly two years, and between him speaking so highly of the company and my interest to learn as much as I could about what the company does, I believe that is what drove me to work here. 

Jay and his team looked past my lack of experience to see that my other valuable talents. My hard work is recognized, and I am in a position to be given responsibility for important projects. Jay desires for employees to stay and have a career. The enjoyable family environment makes me feel good to come in and give a full effort every day. I feel proud to say I work for Jay and this company. 

I originally chose to work for JBPro due to my commitment to Gainesville and desire to leave a lasting footprint on the community I grew up in. However, I have chosen to stay here due to the people who work here and make the company what it is.  

Everyone in our office has something different to offer the company, so we constantly learn from each other. We put a big emphasis on treating each other like family, and that sense of belonging is almost automatic. I can’t think of anything better than learning new things about your chosen career from people you trust and appreciate.

The family atmosphere and core values of JBPro are why I was interested in becoming a member of the team. If you have the drive to learn and produce quality engineering, JBPro offers the right environment with dedicated people and positive attitudes.

I chose to work for JBPro because of the low-key, laid-back feel the office has. We are casual and down-to-earth, yet we are goal-driven and always pushing for more. Working for JBPro is like working with family and friends who are there when you need help or just a lunch date.

I was highly interested in working at JBPro because of the compassionate and ambitious leadership team and the projects they have worked on. I was surprised to see that so many places I encountered in my everyday life were once JBPro projects. I saw the positive impact they had on the community, and I had a strong desire to be a part of that as well. 

I joined JBPro to better myself and to try and get into the career of surveying. Some pros to joining are the great work atmosphere and the fun activities we do during the year to continue bonding as a family.

Community Partners

Florida Surveying and Mapping Society
St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce