Town of Tioga

Tioga, FL

The Town of Tioga PD is an award-winning mixed-use community located in western Alachua County that offers single-family and multi-family residential housing, walking and bicycle trails, recreation facilities, numerous parks, and a thriving Town Center. The Tioga Town Center, considered the gateway to the Town of Tioga, offers 80,000-SF retail shops, restaurants, offices, and a health and fitness center. The Town Center is situated on a 21-acre parcel and includes 41 luxury residential apartments, outdoor plaza spaces for concerts and festivals, and a children’s play area. Pedestrian-friendly streetscapes, convenient parking, traffic calming, and landscaped stormwater management facilities were a few of the important design features implemented by JBPro.

View of a tree-lined sidewalk with the side of a blue 2-story house

How JBPro Served This Project

JBPro worked with the clients to create a vibrant mixed-use town center to serve the needs of the Town of Tioga Community and to attract visitors and potential residents to the development with interesting goods, services, workplaces, and residences.

Our Role

We worked closely with the owner/developer and the architects and designed the basic layout and civil engineering infrastructure to serve the Town Center. We prepared the Town Center design drawings and handled all of the regulatory permitting for the project. We performed land planning, civil engineering, boundary and topographic surveying, and construction inspections and administration.

The Challenges

Initially, there were not any mixed-use centers like the Tioga Town Center in Alachua County. We worked with Alachua County staff to update some of the County policies and interpretations to allow a mixed-use town center like this at the perimeter of the project adjacent to Newberry Rd. We also worked with the County to allow us to do a special mixed-use shared parking analysis, which was unique for Alachua County. 

The Solutions

We were very fortunate that our client was well respected in Alachua County and had assembled a great team to design the project. The concepts were not new but were gaining traction in Alachua County and elsewhere in the planning community.  

A shared vision and commitment to high-quality design with the owner, along with other open communication and collaboration with the review agencies and good old-fashioned hard work proved to be the keys to success. 

Tioga Town Center, shopping center with trees and greenery.
Park with trees and a white building in the background
Tree-lined sidewalk with a blue home facing it
Trees on green grass with homes in the background.
Round median with grass, bushes, and a tall tree, with a road roundabout surrounding.
Tree-lined street with homes in the background.