April 21, 2021

Why Construction Staking Makes or Breaks Your Project

We have all heard expressions like “measure twice, cut once” that speak to the importance of accuracy and precision in preventing avoidable mistakes. These words also apply to our philosophy at JBPro, especially as it relates to surveying construction staking. We take pride in assisting all of our construction partners in providing accurate construction staking and layout.  We prioritize this work to ensure every project is completed on-time and correctly – minimizing the occurrence of construction problems and delays. Read on to learn more about how accurate construction staking makes a noticeable difference for your project.

Construction Staking

Construction staking provides a 3D guide of your project’s reference points and takes the blueprint from conceptualization to visualization. Using the project’s design, a land surveyor interprets them to establish points of interest and stake those points onsite. These stakes represent the location and dimensions of the future buildings, site improvements, and other features, including the following: 

There are two types of common construction site layouts – rough grade and final line and grade layouts. 

Rough Grade Staking

Rough grade staking defines the proposed location and grade of site improvements by mapping out its slopes, parking, streets, and buildings for the purposes of land clearing and getting the land leveled and ready for construction. Essentially, the purpose of rough grade staking is to ensure that the topography of the build site is suitable for the project. As this staking is mostly to define rough locations and elevation, it is not nearly as precise as site layout staking. JBPro staff can also create machine control models to aid in grading and reduce some of the manual grade staking.

Final Line and Grade Staking

On the other hand, final line and grade staking involves staking all of the project’s elements at their final placements so construction can begin. The land surveyor interprets the blueprints and translates them into the location and dimensions of each of the project’s features. This staking provides a comprehensive vertical and horizontal view of the project, with underground features such as utility lines, sewers, and drains typically staked first with the above-ground elements such as the building corners and interior lines, parking lots, and driveways following.

The Importance of Staking

There are several reasons construction staking is essential for your project. One is that it helps the construction activity adhere to the design requirements of the construction drawings. Construction layout and staking also helps to identify potential problems or conflicts between field conditions and design plans early on, which is invaluable as even the simplest mistakes can negatively affect the entire project. Construction staking provides a tangible guideline for construction crews to visualize the construction design conditions as a whole.

Additionally, an accurate survey layout helps a construction project stay on time and within budget, eliminating the potential for inaccurate installations that may have to be removed and re-constructed. It is always more manageable and less costly to preemptively fix issues before construction begins rather than waiting until it is well underway. Finally, during the construction staking process, the surveyor develops the necessary data to produce final as-built drawings, which are often required for many construction projects.

The Stakes Are High for Your Next Project

Once you realize how vital construction staking is for your project, you have to find a skilled, licensed land surveyor who will give you reliable and accurate results – experience matters for this critical step in the process. The land surveyor you choose must be technically proficient and possess the necessary skills to analyze and interpret data and problem-solve while paying attention to every detail of the project. 

When you embark on a construction project, you need a licensed, experienced surveyor. Our survey team at JBPro, a seasoned engineering firm serving Northeast and North Central Florida, has the necessary expertise to stake your project correctly and perform any other project surveying needs you may have. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your project succeed from start to finish.