December 15, 2022

A Letter from Jay Brown – 2022

At this time of year, I really enjoy looking back on our journey throughout the year and reflecting on our company’s growth and accomplishments. At JBPro, our staff continues to do great things and push us forward as we try to grow and expand our limits. 2022 has been our best year ever, and it is all because of the dedicated efforts of our accomplished leaders and talented staff. As we grow and bring more team members into our JBPro family, we continue to develop in the spirit of our company’s core values:

Dedication, Quality, Family, Advocacy, Communication, Teamwork and Optimism. We like to abbreviate our core values as DQFACTO, and we strive to exemplify these values and use them as the guiding force of our mission. It’s great to see how our employees personify these values in their work lives. Our togetherness is the secret to our success.

It is such a privilege to lead our company and see all the exciting transformations that have occurred in 2022. It is also fun to share our accomplishments with our extended community. 2022 brought a host of new employees to the JBPro family. We added Richard White, PLS, a Sr. Surveying Manager, to our staff early in the year. After running his own surveying business in Tallahassee for many years, Richard moved to Gainesville and brought his incredible surveying experience to our team. Bringing Richard on has even enabled us to expand our service area to include Tallahassee and the rest of Northwest Florida. 

Kathie Ebaugh, AICP also joined JBPro to lead our Planning Department. Kathie moved to Gainesville from Southwest Florida where she served as the Planning Director for Lee County School Board. Her outstanding reputation among her peers, her love of community planning, and her vision for her role at JBPro really set her apart and helped her to immediately transform our Land Planning capabilities. We also added a new Finance Manager, Deontae Lafayette, to help us provide the greatest value to our clients. These key leaders along with 5 new Civil Engineering staff, 7 new Surveying staff, and 2 new Administrative staff spurred our growth and increased our capabilities to the best level yet.

So many great things happened at JBPro in 2022 as we were trusted by so many to survey, plan, design and permit their projects. We cannot ever thank them enough for choosing JBPro as a partner to help bring their visions to life. We welcomed over a hundred new clients to JBPro in 2022 and worked hard to serve each of them. Our staff accepted many challenges throughout the year working with new jurisdictions and agencies throughout North Florida, from both our Gainesville and St. Augustine offices. We continue to expand, learn, and grow in every aspect of our business and continue to pursue our vision of quality design and commitment to our clients. We are blessed to have such great clients and to continue building long-lasting relationships that motivate and inspire us to do our best for them. 

One thing I treasure more than anything is how we have fun and enjoy being around each other. From our fantasy football league, tailgates, potlucks, hunting and fishing, shooting pool at lunchtime, community events, watch parties, joking around the office, pranking each other, and even making fun of ourselves, we really do get along well. It makes all the difference when your fellow employee cares about you and your well-being; we have that at JBPro. We foster our family values and strive to be our best. We occasionally fall short of our lofty goals, but we are constantly taking steps forward. 2022 has been busy and challenging, yet fun and inspiring. It has been motivating and inspirational, and it has been rewarding and gratifying. I can’t wait to experience 2023 with all of the JBPro family and our incredible client partners. 

Have a wonderful holiday and a bright New Year in 2023.